Learn how to change your Profile Settings and update information on the Community Portal. 

Change Settings and Update Information

Step 1. Login to the Community Portal.

Step 2. Click the Profile button on the left side. 

Edit General Information

This section includes important contact information. To make changes to this section, click the Edit General button on the top right hand side.

NOTE- Some information cannot be edited, such as Unit information and Account Id.  

Click the Save button to finalize your changes. 


To add a new pet, click the Add Pet button on the right hand side. 


To Edit a pet, click on the Pencil/Paper icon. 

To Delete a pet, click the Trash icon. 

Additional Members

This allows you to create a Portal account for additional household members, or others who may need access, such as a financial manager, or a property manager if the property is a rental. 

Click the Add Additional Member button and enter the name and email address of the new member. They will receive an email with instructions and a temporary login and password. 

To delete a Member, click the Trash icon. 


Use this section to change your preferences for eStatements. Click the Change eStatement Settings hyperlink. 

Make changes in the Member eStatement window.

Click the Save button to finalize your changes. 

My Picture

Use this section to upload a photo of yourself. To add a photo, or edit the existing photo, click the Edit Picture button. 

If uploading a new photo, click the Choose File button and locate the photo on your computer. If replacing a photo, click the checkbox under Remove, and then the Choose File button to select the new photo.

Click the Save button when complete. 


Use this section to change preferences for Time Zone, Electronic Communications and Notifications. 

Privacy Settings

Use this section to limit the information available on the portal. 

Change Login

Use this section to change your Username and Login information.