Learn how to register for a Community Portal account. 

Register for the Portal

Step 1. Go to the Community website. 

NOTE- If you are unsure of the URL for your Community Portal, contact your property management for that information. 

Step 2. Click the Initial Login hyperlink in the Member Login window. 


Step 3. Complete the fields below. 

  • Account #- Enter your account number for the Association. 

  • Last Name- Enter your Last Name (or business name, if applicable)

  • Street Number- Enter the numeric portion of your street address. 

  • Email- Enter the email you wish to use to receive correspondence from the Association. 

  • Confirm Email- Enter the same email again to confirm. 

Step 4. You will then receive a confirmation email with a link to create your User Name and Password. Complete the fields below and click Continue to complete your registration.