Learn how to submit a Resident Request on the Community Portal.

A Resident Request is a way to send a question or a request to the Management Company via the Portal. Each type of request has predetermined fields for completion to make sure all necessary information is received with the request. Once submitted, the Request is routed automatically to an assigned person for handling and the status of your request is maintained on your account. 

To Submit a Resident Request

Step 1. Login to the Community Portal. 

Step 2. Click the Resident Request button from the menu on the left. 


Step 3. Select the correct type of request from the drop down menu. 

Step 4. Click the Next button to proceed to the entry window. 

Step 5. Complete the fields in the request window. 

NOTE- Based on the type of request you are submitting the available fields will vary. 

Step 6. Click the Save button to submit your request.